The Pros And Cons Of Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are still being used by countless bodybuilders across the world. From professional competitions to daily fitness and exercise regimens — these supplements are designed to help lifters effectively convert fat into healthy muscle. They are also synonymous with helping bodybuilders secure more mass — which helps them lift more weight and gain more muscle. While this may seem like the perfect solution for anyone wishing to build his or her body, there are many side effects that are detrimental for users. No truer is this then for those that have or continue to use these products for extended periods of time, wrote breast enhancement pills site owner.

The Pros

Anabolic steroids increase protein within the skeletal muscles. This helps users gain more endurance and strength, along with better balance and overall agility. These supplements also increase testosterone levels — especially in men –which help them feel stronger and perform better in bed. Other benefits of these popular and growing pills & male enhancement pills:

• Allows athletes to lose more weight and convert fat into muscle.
• Improve athletic ability and gives competitors a better edge during tournaments.
• Improves overall muscular strength and optimal performance.
Gives the muscles more oxygen — helps in muscle recovery after workouts — and increases overall mass.
• Increases visual appearance and strength abilities.

The Cons

While anabolic steroids online are widely utilized — their effects tend to differ from individual to individual. While some are able to achieve desired results, they are only using these supplements for specific training and fitness regimens. Others, however, rely on these supplements for competitive tournaments or simply daily workouts. According to health-care experts, the prolonged or extended use of these supplements can result in the following:

• The “buy steroids online” supplements have been known to cause organ damage, liver cancer, hormonal changes, psychological defects and even infertility.
• Users can get arrested for using these supplements.
• There is a greater risk of contracting Hepatitis B and C.
• Prolonged or even mild use can result in the risk of muscle, joint, ligament, and tendon damages and tears.
• Users have shown a more aggressive personality with extended use.
• Growth can be stunted at a young age — youngsters should avoid use of these supplements at all costs.
• Vein damage, circulatory, and respiratory issues.
• Suspensions from leagues, tournaments, competitions, and games for athletes found to be taking these supplements.
• Extended use can be fatal.

While there are some pros of using anabolic steroids, it seems the cons truly outweigh any benefits. Yet, many people continue to use these supplements –so the ultimate decision will always be yours to make.